Alexander Bass

Desmos Save/Load extension

I enjoy using the graphing calculator, but it lacks the ability to save and load graphs locally. Desmos allows graphs to be saved to an account, but does not provide any way to export or import graphs as a file. For this reason, I have made the Desmos Save/Load browser extension.

The extension is very simple. It adds two things: a Save JSON button and a Load JSON button. Clicking the Save JSON button puts your current graph in a file which you will be prompted to save. Clicking the Load JSON button prompts you to select a valid JSON graph file. Once the file is selected, it is loaded into the current graph.

The two buttons the extension adds
The two buttons the extension adds

Currently, the extension is only available through my git repo. I wouldn’t recommend trying to install it unless you know what you are doing. I may eventually put it up on the firefox extension store.

If you know your way around browser extensions, the license should permit you to fork it and upload it to any extension store. If you do fork it, please do change the name a bit and indicate that you are the one in charge of that fork to avoid any confusion.