Alexander Bass

Corkboard Sticky Note Website

After seeing some other cool websites1 that mimic real world objects like paper, I wanted to make my own. In this experiment, everything can be dragged around and the sticky notes can be written in. As a fun bonus, the tacks which hold the notes and the paper in place can be popped off by clicking.

Corkboard webpage with sticky notes and paper

Play with the interactive demo

I used Vanilla JavaScript with modules to create this demo. Rollup was used to cram all the modules into one JS file. I used a bit of SCSS for the styling, but I could have stuck with regular CSS as most of the decoration is done with JavaScript or images.

  1. Some of those cool sites I found inspiration from include: Neil Young Archives, hatshoe (I still don’t understand what that site was meant to be but it’s cool), and ↩︎