Alexander Bass


Hyperlinks! They make the web go round. Good websites can be hard to find so I’ve collected links to some of my favorites here that you may find them useful.

Hacker News Programming, software development, and otherwise technical forum where members share links to articles and discuss them. While this site certainly is not for those who aren’t interested in tech or programming, it’s the most civil discussion forum I’ve seen on the internet.

Online Books

Practical Typography Formatting documents, picking fonts, and making a good impression with text. Contains advice aimed at modern word processors and online articles. I’ve taken some hints from this book (and likely not enough) to enhance the look of this site.

Beej’s Guide to C Programming Language Witty and informative guide to learning The C Programming Language.

The Rust Book The official guide to learning the Rust Programming Language

Personal Websites Unique electronics, hardware, and midi stuff. One of the favorite things from this site is his adventures with Plotters